Matryoshka dolls, zeppelins and an evil baron, oh my!

Child labour. Communism. Matryoshka dolls. Zeppelins. Trains. Boats. An evil baron. Stacking (Double Fine) has it all.

Set in the then Soviet Union during the Depression era, you play as the tiny child doll, Charlie who has to rescue his siblings from hard labour by solving various puzzles. While on your mission to rescue your siblings you continually foil the baron’s evil plans by saving a zeppelin from crashing, ending child slavery and become a national hero.

And that isn’t even the coolest part.

To achieve all that you solve the puzzles by stacking into other dolls who have their own special abilities (a flapper girl doll who entertains/distracts dolls with her jazz hands; a grumpy old man that yells dolls to get outta the way and a gruel pouring chef are just some of the large cast of dolls). There are also multiple solutions to each puzzle which results in easy xp points if you’re playing on the xbox.

My only beef with the game is that some of the solutions can be incredibly random and can only be solved by either extremely creative thinking or by peeking at the hints.

The premise of the game is pretty awesome in itself but what really makes the game fun is the humour. Yes, it often boarders on potty-humour but c’mon, that’s what makes it so much damn fun. And they found an awesome and completely unusual way to do the final boss battle that shows how well the game combines humour with puzzles.

It’s a download-only game; go forth and play!