Why we need to give older games a chance

Pre-ramble: It was my goal to update fairly regularly, like more then once every two months. My bad. I’d love to have a reason (or a witty remark) as to why, but I got nothing. Blame it on the playoffs?

I’ve been playing Beyond Good and Evil recently. Old game but SO good. I grew up with various generations of Nintendos and only acquired a Playstation with my fellow geeky partner moved in so I’m know getting a crash course in PS games. (+1 for having a home filled with consoles, including a ridiculous number of NES).


Beyond Good and Evil. Havn’t quite finished it yet, I have to find an obscene amount of pearls so I can upgrade my rocket. Why I’m digging it: it plays like a Zelda game. (Side ramble! For those who don’t know me, that is a high compliment. Zelda OOT is turned me from an occasional mario playing girl to a game loving geek. I’ve replayed that game over and over and still find fun in it). The battles are quirky, the tasks and puzzles aren’t overly repetitive and the story is endearing. It’s one of those games that I look forward to the next time I can play it and don’t want to finish it just for the XP points. The bad? The collecting of pearls (they are used as money) is starting to get to me. I can appreciate the puzzles involved but having to find 15+ of these things before I can move on, c’mon! It was enough to make me stop playing for awhile.

But! I found that back in 2008 Ubisoft announced they were developing a sequel (squeal!). The trailer and leaked game footage look AMAZING and lit a fire under me to finish the first. Sadly, they recently announced that said sequel will not be ready for this generation of consoles. So wait we will. Hopefully I’ll be long finished the first before it comes out.