At My Finest.

Preamble: Oh mee gee two blog posts in the same month!

I was watching an interview with Jane McGonigal the other day and my first thought was “She’s too pretty to be a gamer.”

Not, “Wow, she has some interesting points” or “What a rad way to deal with a horrific event”. Nope. I went straight to her looks.

But why?
Societal training?
I’m shallow?

I tend to fancy myself as a big fish in a small pond. A unicorn among the ponies. The mythical creature who you have to see with your own eyes to really believe. After all, I’m a girl AND a gamer. And while I have ranted before about being judged solely on my gender I still like to think of myself as something unique and special because I am women who plays video games. I don’t do much online co-op playing save WoW so majority of my gaming interactions are among my partner and his friends; I don’t have any female friends who game. So that leaves me as the token female at our sausage game nights (I tried to rewrite that a bunch of times but as long as sausage and night were there it still sounded dirty).

But that’s complete BS (the mythical creature thing not the dirty sounding thing…heh).

There are tons of women who game (enter some impressive stat with absolutely no citation to really prove my point). Loads of us. Havn’t we been saying that for years? Havn’t we been jumping up and down on our soap box desperately trying to prove that games aren’t only played by 30-something-boys-in-their-parents-basements-and-have-0-XP-in-social-situations?

Sorry buddy. I really do like your get-up but you prove my point.

(New marketing strategy: what we really need is a women celeb to wear an “This is what a gamer looks like” Somebody needs to get that shirt on Felicia Day asap)

So why the hell was my first reaction “she’s too pretty to be a gamer” ? If I can’t even stop myself from thinking that then do we really have any hope to break that bleak typecasting?

I think it was jealously. Come on, look at her!