Hold onto your bonnets ladies, these boys have solved that pesky problem of sexism!

Tired of hearing women gamers complain about all those sexist comments while hosting a LAN party? Well these boys have the perfect solution: just don’t invite the women-folk! (Note: you’ll have to appoint some n00b to make all those sandwiches)

This wonderful human sums up why their “solution” is complete BS:

“There’s nothing inherently wrong with “Girls’ Night Out Gaming,” any more than there is “Boys’ Night Out Gaming.” The problem comes in acting as if they’re doing women a favor by excluding them. And that’s really why it’s sexist. It’s not that single-gender events are inherently sexist. They could have had an event for Gentleman Gamers, and it’d have been fine. But you cannot ‘protect’ people by excluding them. The best way to get people to not act sexist is for there to be serious social consequences for sexism. Getting thrown out or banned from an event is an awfully good deterrent.”

Back to the drawing board.