We May Have Overdid It.

I’ll admit it. I’m materialistic.

I like to pretend I’m not. Like I’m part of that elite group of people who are magically somehow above consumer culture/material goods/the-keeping-up-with-the-Jones-mentality. But I’m not. No one is. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

But back to me. Materialistic me.

We recently bought a TV. An embarrassingly massive TV. All 51 inches of it. I originally swore up and down that 50″ was the absolute max that we would cram into our tiny living room. But then I was told that the 51″ was a reaaaaaaaally good deal. I later found out that my partner just wanted to 1-up his friend and his 50″ TV. Boys.

A few days after I nauseously gave the store my credit card there was a new TV was sitting in our living room. Well, not sitting. Occupying it. All it needed was a flag and it could have claimed the living room in the name of Samsung (maybe that’s their master plan…).

What am I doing? An excited yawn?

We may have overdid it

Our old TV (a sad little 27″ CRT) sat dejectedly in the corner. It knew that this day would come eventually. It had stopped offering us anything since, well the first time we turned it on. It just couldn’t complete.

Now I was never on the omg-we-NEED-a-new-TV boat like my partner. But that all changed once we started up the DA 2 demo.

Holy shit.

It’s amazing. I didn’t think colours could be like that outside of sticky, popcorn stretched theatres. I could now see the blood gushing from lifeless limbs and spells being cast. I could see all the text. Even the really small stuff. I could play the game properly without having to guess what would happen when I pressed “X”. It’s completely changed the way I play games. They are fun again.

Enough writing, I need to go blow something up in glorious HD.