In Which I Defeat PAX

Last weekend I went to the Disneyland for geeks and gamers. I went to PAX.

My first few PAXs were a blurry combo of lines, way too much fast food, boring panels and a case of PAX pox (what people cutely dubbed the Swine Flu outbreak).

But not this year.

This year I was prepared [I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS]. I planned ahead so I wouldn’t miss any must-see panels, avoided time sucking line ups (LBP 2 I’m looking at you from 2010), found healthy places to feed myself (thanks to Wil Wheaton for tweeting about the Juciy Cafe!) and KO’d germs with baby wipes (do you know how fraking soft they are?!). I also +1 up’d myself this year by cosplaying. It was because of that decision that the best.thing.ever.happened.

Story Time!

Once upon a time I decided that this was the year I would transform myself from simple attendee to awesome cosplayer. Upon careful deliberation (numerous pro/con lists were made), a decision was reached: the Fairy from the Legend of Neil.

Behold them!

90% of you probably have no idea who that is. The other 10% of you probably wish you could high-5 me right now.

See, I thought it would be the other way around. I was certain that the vast majority of geeks would recognize me.

Not so much.

Actually not at all. The only person who recognized me was the actress who played the character I was dressed as. Which brings me to the climax of my best.thing.ever.happened story.

I was trolling Wil Wheaton’s table (as requested I had dice to give him along with my undying-but-not-creepy-admiration) and found not-an-older-version-of-Wesley-Crusher but none other then the epic Felicia Day.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit.

For some reason I cannot comprehend there was almost no line. I jumped, literary, into line.
When my turn came we bonded chatted about obscure references and how Sandeep should market his show more.

Then this happened.


I greatly admire Wil Wheaton for all his writing and acting endeavors but meeting Felicia Day pretty much made my year.

Other rad highlights from the weekend:

Ran around the entire convention Saturday afternoon solving puzzles. This was my reward:

Invite to the MTG party!

Apparently geeks will dance for free booze and Magic cards.

Throw in some informative panels, disco zombies and more XL shirts then I’ll ever need and that was PAX.