Everything is Awesome


Listening to this will make reading this post more enjoyable. Or will make your ears bled. Either or.

Late to the game I know, but I saw The Lego Movie over the weekend. And it. Was. Awesome.

The plan was to write a witty and insightful post that would explain why it was so awesome … but then I found this article that pretty much summed up everything up.

TL;DR? Here’s the take away:

The Lego Movie managed to tap into the creativity and imagination of the kids and the nostalgia of all the adults in the room.

Catchy theme song to hopefully replace Let It Go? Check.
Witty writing? Check.
Big egos on set? Check.
Homicidal uni-kitty? Check.

Not sold? (heh, see what I did there? No? Guess we know who didn’t read the article) The “Behind the Bricks” featurette is four minutes of the cast and writers making fun of themselves. How can you not enjoy that?