Dear Internet, I give you: the not impressed Prim face


This is the face that will launch a thousand memes (that may or may not be all from me).

This is Prim. Our adorable cat who occasionally rocks this look of general not impressed-ness.

As a devote observer of Caturday my social media profiles are clogged with cat pictures. But after the initial posting they are left to sit there, never to be liked, hearted, or commented until someone creeps my profile and accidentally likes a post from years ago, loudly announcing that they are creeping me.

Until now.

The other night I was trying to think of clever ways to convince James to come home from school. And then I remembered this picture. And this site. And then this was created:


It didn’t work in the sense that he didn’t come home right then and there but it did make him laugh. Or so he said.

So I’m giving you, the internet, the not impressed Prim face. Go forth and try not to fuck it up.

Playing the guilt/nag card not your thing? How about the not impressed Prim?


Or the zero shits given Prim:


Or the srsyl Prim:


Whichever face, go forth and create! How to steps are below for the truly hopeless.

Step one: download the above phone
Step two: Go here
Step three: Write something witty to convey you are not impressed
Step four: Share